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Peace and Justice

The Peace and Justice Ministry Team was authorized by decision of the Session in the summer of 2011, builds on work done at St. Andrews over many years in exploring and acting on Christ’s call to faithful service in the area of peace and justice. Jesus consistently placed Himself on the side of the foreigner, the outcast, the least and the lost, challenging political and religious institutions and structures that excluded these from the scope of God’s love. Three topics explored at St. Andrews in recent months illustrate some of those areas: 1. the teaching of our faith relating to war and peace, and ways in which the goal of peace may be pursued; 2. a deeper understanding of Islam and the challenge that faith presents to us as Christians and to our country ; 3. the issue of immigration, and how we as Christians are called to deal with it.

We hope to offer opportunities to all in the church and in the community to wrestle with a variety of peace and justice issues through prayer, discussion, study of written materials, watching movies or videos. Our goal is not only to talk but to act in ways that build on our understanding of the Bible’s call to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.