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Memorial Garden

Established in 2009, offers a beautiful landscaped setting for the ash remains of those who are members of the church, their families and friends, and for those who have an interest in St. Andrews.

The setting of the Garden offers comfort, solace and remembrance. Its evergreens, shrubs and returning spring flowers are symbolic expressions of our confidence that death is not final and that we have eternal life with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Garden is located near the church, providing a sacred place for reverential reflection where loved ones may feel near to those they treasure.

 Arrangements for the interment of the cremated remains may be made with the church office, the pastor, or members of the Memorial Garden Ministry Team. An interment fee covers the cost of:

  • A nameplate, including the birth date and date of death, to be placed on the memorial plaque in the Garden.
  • The continuing care of the Garden.

Through dedication and serious planning, this Memorial Garden has developed into a beautiful site overlooking Platte Lake and Lake Michigan.

Ashes will be placed directly in the soil, in a biodegradable urn, or scattered directly in the Garden. The specific location will be determined by the family and the Garden Ministry Team. The Church will keep records of where the ashes are interred. Prearrangement for these decisions is encouraged. 

A PRAYER SERVICE will be provided under the supervision of the pastor. The family is welcome to participate in the planning of the service.