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St. Andrews History

History of St. Andrews

We believe that our church is a miracle. This is a brief part of our story:

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church had its beginnings at a New Years Day 1995 meeting at the home of Ned and Bobbie Edwards. On December 31, 1995, the church was chartered with 63 members. 

In that year, we found a place to worship–St. Philip’s Episcopal Church welcomed us to share its building. We called our first pastor, The Rev. Dr. Ned Edwards, and then found a site for the new church we hoped to build, 19 acres with a beautiful view acquired from members, Bill and Betty Tompkins.

We chose the name St. Andrews Presbyterian Church to honor Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, because the Scottish brought the Presbyterian Church to America. Celtic crosses surround us in our sanctuary: You will see the cross on the communion table, on the pulpit and, at the rear of the church on a Scottish flag.

As the church building was still a dream, we rented a tent to put on our property for church services. We also used the tent for picnics, Bible school, and committee meetings.

A design by Tom Reay of Saginaw, Michigan, was chosen for the new church building. The design’s most important feature was the glass windows allowing us to view the beautiful nature on all sides. Ground was broken in the spring of 1999 and completed in June of 2000.

The first service in our new church was held on June 18, 2000.

Dr. Edwards announced his retirement in early 2002. The Rev. Dr. Terry Bard, associated with St. Andrews since its inception, became interim pastor. The Rev. Dr. Thomas Nelson was called to the St. Andrews pastorate September 1, 2002. The Rev. Nelson left in July of 2005, and the Rev. Pam Fulton served as supply interim pastor while the pastor nominating committee conducted the search for the next pastor. The Rev. Shelaine Bird and the Rev. Kyle Segars answered our call and began their ministry as co-pastors in August 2007. Our current Pastor, Rev. Dr. Anne Hebert answered our call in November 2012  and continues her service to St. Andrews and our community.

Each of these gifted pastors brought unique gifts to help in the growth of St. Andrews.

We are a serving church with a strong mission program reaching out to others in a variety of ways 

We are a learning church with numerous Adult Education classes

We are a praying and worshiping church.

But above all else in our church is our dedication to God, the Father; Jesus Christ, the Son; and the Holy Spirit.