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Anne began ministry at St. Andrews in November 2012.  She grew up in Texas and attended Stephen F. Austin State University where she earned a bachelor’s of business administration degree in finance.  Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas, was her next stop, and following seminary, she was ordained at First Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City.  She has served churches in Oklahoma, Michigan, New York and Texas and celebrated 30 years of ordination in January 2018.

Anne currently serves on the national team of the Acts 16:5 Initiative that, through presbyteries, develops pastors and church teams into leaders who help to transform their congregations.  She believes the vitality of the local church is God’s hope for the world, and that a church who strives to unite belief and action by reaching into the world with  God’s attention and vision will be a thriving church.  She trusts in Jesus Christ who breaks all barriers and believes we are called to offer his life-giving love and grace wherever we find ourselves.

 Anne has one son, Austen Rauch, who lives in Fort Worth, Texas.  Having been born in Rochester, NY, he enjoys winter sports and looks forward to vacationing in Michigan.

Anne enjoys travel, reading, going to the theatre and listening to music.  She has spent time at Christ in the Desert Monastery near Abiquiu, New Mexico, where she has experienced silent prayer and laughing with the monks. She finds joy in offering meals and gatherings in her home, and has two long hair Chihuahuas named Roxee and Mia Bella.

To contact Rev. Anne Hébert, email or call 231-882-4241.


Janet Hough, Clerk of Session

Class of 2020

Al Amstutz, John Beery, Dianne Stephenson, Mike Willadsen


Class of 2019

Suzie Anderson, Melissa Havlin, Judith Harnish, Donna Malecki


Class of 2018

Jane Elzerman, Susie Hammer, Dee Miller, Steve Chapman




Church Ministry Teams

Adult Education—Diane Stephenson—Chair

Building and Grounds—Mike Willadsen—Chair

Children’s Education—Jennifer Abel—Chair

Congregational Care—Dee Miller—Chair

Finance/Stewardship—Sandra O’Neal—Chair

Membership—Suzie Anderson—Chair

Mission—Judy Harnish—Chair

Peace and Justice—Bob McQuilkin

Personnel—Donna Malecki—Susie Hammer  Co-Chairs

Worship—John Beery—Chair

Fellowship—Melissa Havlin—Chair

Nominating—Dee Miller

Holy Diggers–Suzie Anderson

Memorial Garden—John Witt—Chair

Presbyterian Women—Margaret Beery—Chair

Communications – Al Amstutz – Chair