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Adult Education

Adult Education at St. Andrews


The Adult Education Ministry Team develops spiritual growth for the congregation of St. Andrews. This includes: Sunday morning pre-worship classes, the Ronnie Lewis annual lecture, and special education programs. Classes provide a variety of educational opportunities, including Bible study, theology, mission and ministry, church history, comparative religions, contemporary and historical Christian thought, the history and ministry of the PCUSA, and current issues facing the church and society. Team participation is open to all members and friends of St. Andrews.

Upcoming Classes

Sunday Morning Bible Study meets at 9:00 a.m. in the conference room.  The class explores the Bible using the Lectionary Reading. This is an opportunity to explore the text in advance of the sermon. Materials to enhance understanding of the text and questions to guide the discussion are provided. You are invited to attend to nurture and grow your faith



Special Topics – meeting in Edwards Hall

September 2 – Jim Olson, presenting information about water issues in our area. Jim who regularly attends St. Andrews, is the founder of FLOW (For Love of Water) and has had years of experience as an environmental, water, and public interest law advocate and champion, dedicated to protecting waters and ecosystems in the Great Lakes Basin.


September 9 – “Why People give” – Earlier this summer we heard from Sandra O’Neal about our church’s finances—revenue and expenses. Now we look at some articles that explore the science of giving.


September 16 – Russ Brandt, “Cosmology and the Bible, Part 2” Russ continues the discussion that he led in the summer.


September 23 – Looking at an article from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE:  THE RACE ISSUE, APRIL 2018, “Why Do We See So Many Things as ‘Us vs. Them’?”  We are wired at birth to favor our own group over others. But science might be able to help us move past what divides us.


September 30 – Looking at another article from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE:  THE RACE ISSUE, APRIL 2018, “The Rising Anxiety of White America,” looks to 2044 when America will be less than 50 percent white and details the cultural shift already taking place. 



October 7 Rev. Faith Fowler, Director CCSS (Tiny Homes Project in Detroit)




Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 2, 7:00 p.m. – Looking at Issues of Race

This discussion continues the topic we explored last fall with the book, Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving and a continuation of the topic from our Sunday morning classes on September 23 & 30.  With video and printed materials Rev. Anne and members of the Adult Ed Ministry Team will guide this discussion.





Imagine. . .the members of the body of Christ shaped by a shared knowledge and understanding of the whole biblical story and its connection to their story.

Imagine. . .a congregation whose life together is nourished by the fruits of transformational Bible study.

Imagine. . .DISCIPLE Bible study, not one program among many but the soil in which all the ministries of the church root and grow.

Imagine. . .a church where every adult has read and studied the Bible from Genesis through Revelation and has spent time prayerfully considering their gifts as disciples and their roles as servant-leaders.

Imagine. . .a congregation led by laypersons with a deep awareness of the nature and purpose of the church developed through their study of Scripture.

Imagine. . .a church that expects every member not simply to show up every week but to grow every day as a disciple of Christ and to look for ways to be equipped for ministry.

Imagine. . .a church focused in addressing the “why” questions of God’s purposes before engaging in the “how-to” questions of church practices.

            This fall we will engage in such imagining as we explore the New Testament through the format of DISCIPLE Bible study. At least 25 people in the past at St. Andrews have taken part is this study and have benefitted from it. If you would like to be part of this growing group, please let Jennifer know in the church office or sign up in the Gathering Space. You will need to pick up a copy of the first lesson so you can be ready for our first class on September 13th (the classes will go through December 13th – the calendar is below.) We will hold sessions on Thursday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The class requires daily reading that is not overwhelming and is well guided in the study manual. In addition to signing up, please let Jennifer know if you need a study manual. Some have completed part of the study already and will not need a manual.

            This is a great way to explore the New Testament. (The Old Testament portion will be offered again next fall if you start with the New Testament portion this fall.) Since St. Andrews has many winter travelers, the fall seems to be the best time to offer the study. We will learn and pray together, and seek God’s guidance as we explore the journey of the faithful from the times of Jesus and beyond.

With Christ’s Joy,


2018 Disciple Bible Study Calendar – New Testament

Thursdays – 10:00 to 12:00

September 13       18 Radical Discipleship

September 20       19 Mounting Controversy

September 27       20 The Hidden Messiah

October 4             21 God Seeks the Least, the Last, the Lost

October 11            22 Lifegiver

October 18            23 Advocate

October 25           24 The Explosive Power of the Spirit

November 1           25 The Gospel Penetrates the World

November 8         26 Put Right With God Through Faith

November 15        27 A Congregation in Ferment

November 20       28  The Son Shall Set Us Free

          (This is the Tuesday of Thanksgiving Week)

November 29       29 A Pastor Gives Guidance & 30 Our Great High Priest

December 6         31 A People Set Apart & 32 We Never Lose Hope

December 13        33 Gifts of Each Disciple  & 34 A Last Supper Together

                                      Including a Covenant Service


Recommended Study Bible:

The New Interpreter’s Study Bible: New Revised

Standard Version with the Apocrypha

(This Bible is recommended and is not a requirement;

you may use whatever Bible you prefer.)