We call it STAMP, our St Andrews Mission Project, that has now made a difference in the lives of over 120 families in our area! Working hand and hand with BACN (Benzie Area Christian Neighbors) the week of June 17-21, we need you to join us in making area homes safer, drier, warmer! Here’s how you can help:


    Sign up to be part of our work crew in one of three areas~

    ~Construction projects including replacing windows, building ramps, house repairs

    ~Non-construction at the sites including “gopher”, painting, clean up, deliveries

    ~Kitchen work that includes morning breakfast prep, baking cookies, helping with the dinner on Wednesday, June 19

            To sign up, please e-mail judithharnish@gmail.com or fill out the STAMP Volunteer form found in the church Gathering Space. Indicate where you would prefer to work and which days you are available. If you do not have a STAMP teeshirt, please indicate the size you need.


     Donate to the work project~

     This year we have already identified 16 different homes where we will replace windows and doors, build wheelchair ramps, repair decks and more. Along with supplies, we have compiled a list of needed tools that will become a permanent part of STAMP equipment. There are costs for breakfast, snacks and the dinner where we invite our neighbors and families to celebrate our work together. Our preliminary budget for 2109 is $18,500.

     Will you please consider donating to our STAMP budget by giving to St Andrews Presbyterian Church, STAMP? Please make checks to St Andrews Presbyterian Church and write STAMP in the memo line. We are grateful for every donation to this project where neighbors help neighbors!


Mark your calendar for the June 15th Concert on the Hill with the “4 Man Fishin’ Tackle Choir”. The concert begins at 7:00 PM. All proceeds will support STAMP.