Stewardship Ministry Team mtg

Monday, June 26

10:00 AM

Healing Ministry

Tuesday, June 27

1:30 PM

Summer Writers’ Series: John Wemlinger

Tuesday, June 27

7:30 PM

John Wemlinger – After twenty-seven years of service with the United States Army, he retired in 1995, taking a position with Walt Disney in Singapore.  He returned to the U.S., in 1999, and became an administrator at a several alternative high schools.  When the U.S. economy crumbled in 2009, he became especially distressed by the state of affairs in Flint, a city solely dependent on the auto industry.  But what could he do?  He wrote a book, Winter’s Bloom

Another of our invited authors Frank P. Slaughter has this to say about Wemlinger’s book:  “[he] has written a powerful novel about a veteran suffering from PTSD and the unlikely path that leads to his salvation.  Winter’s Bloom is a poignant tale of loss, love and redemption that will keep you turning the pages.


Session mtg

Thursday, June 29

3:00 PM


Sunday, July 2

10:30 AM

Independence Day: Office Closed

Tuesday, July 4

Worship: Kirking O’ the Tartans

Sunday, July 9

10:30 AM


History of Kirking of the Tartans


A Kirk is a Scottish word for Church.  Tartan is the traditional garb of a Highland Scot.  The Kirking of the Tartans is thus a traditional blessing of the tartan by the Clergy.  Following the failure of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, the tartan was forbidden to be worn.  Prince Charles Edward Stuart had escaped over the water to France, but this was small physical comfort to the thousands of Highlanders whose way of life had been irrevocably altered.  The Clan system, with its representative tartans, was demolished as troops loyal to the Duke of Cumberland and the House of Hanover ravaged the Scottish Highlands, searching our Jacobite supporters.


Thus the Kirking of the Tartan went into hiding, away from official eyes.  Each Highlander secretly touched a bit of his tartan hidden among his clothing at the appropriate moment in the worship service.  In much the same way, the Upper Jacobite Class in Scotland obediently toasted the King at public banquets, and with a deft flick of the wrist, the toast became not for George II or III but for the King “over the water,” Charles Edward Stuart, as the hand passed over the top of the glass.


These overt acts of defiance against officialdom died with the coming of the 18th century Industrial Revolution and the Highland Clearances.  Thousands of Highland Crofters were forced into becoming pioneers in the new world as their former aristocratic lords drove them off their land, so that the much more profitable business of raising sheep could be carried on.  The Highlanders became a victim of the Industrial Revolution.


During WWII, there was concern that Americans were not signing up to fight on behalf of Britain.  Rev. Peter Marshall, then Chaplain of the US Senate, attempted to instill pride in their homeland among Scots in the US.  The Kirking of the Tartan ceremony was created by Rev. Marshall and held in Presbyterian Churches across the nation.



Worship Ministry Team mtg

Tuesday, July 11

10:30 AM

Periwinkle Garden Club Walk

Friday, July 14th

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Edwards Hall

Adult Ed Class

Sunday, July 16

9:00 AM

Subject: Hildegard von Bingen

Saint Hildegarde was an extraordinary woman who lived in the 12th century. She was known to be a writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, visionary and much more. Ruth Griffioen has lectured on the influence of Hildegarde in Church history, and will share her stories.



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